About Us

ALL DAY FUN LIMITED is a full service game development studio specializing in cross platform development for online and mobile audiences. We’ve become a leader in custom game design by being committed to making fun, beautifully crafted, and immersive games that entertain generations. Whether you want to learn about Newton’s laws, anatomy, or just shoot some hoops, ALL DAY FUN LIMITED delivers.

We utilize agile development methodologies to manage the entire development process while we create and breathe life into your game idea. Our custom built tracking tools update you regularly as to our progress and allows you to be involved as much or as little as you want in day to day development processes. Our game designers work hand in hand with you to fully understand what kind of game you want, what your goals are, and then suggest ways to make it even better. We’re here for you.

Our ALL DAY FUN LIMITED, industry icons in their own right, design and create games players want to play. We have literally decades of development experience and have developed over 100 games for web and mobile devices (iOS/Android Smartphone/Tablets). If you’re looking for a team of experienced and reliable game developers, we’re the ones that care about the success of your game as much as you do.

Ever felt like beating your head against the wall as you try to memorize a bunch of facts? Ever found it difficult to get into subject matter because it was too dry? Learners of all ages have felt the same. We know that learning should be fun and enjoyable, but even with new media available to us, we're still using the same old teaching methods. What if there were a better way? What if you could play and learn? Imagine you're playing a game that immerses you in an exciting new world as you explore aerodynamics. You're now learning by experience, rather than just seeing text on a page or listening to a voice during a lecture. You are learning because you want to-not because you have to. It's a powerful idea that's been proven effective.

ALL DAY FUN LIMITED is a game-based learning studio that makes learning fun. We're the ones who've made it possible for players to learn about Newton's Laws, ratios, optics, etc. by playing games. Our ALL DAY FUN LIMITED, industry icons in their own right, design and create games players want to play. We have years of experience developing the most popular games in the world. By combining educational content with fun gameplay and design-the hallmarks of great games-we have the formula to truly make education and learning entertaining.

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